Meet the Grady Bunch! Hometown Hero, Andy Smith

Andrew Smith

Andy Smith is a Clemson graduate and has been a member of the USAF & USAF Reserves for a total of 13 years. During that time, he has been deployed four times to combat zones, totaling more than 1 year overseas. Among his air medals and awards is a safety recognition for assisting with the successful evacuation of a C-130 after a fire broke out on the plane. At home, he has assisted with delivering food, water, and supplies to communities impacted by natural disasters in addition to his other duties. Outside of his military service, Andy is involved in his local community. He can be found helping at t-ball games and sending care packages to the stateside families of deployed military members. He was the speaker at Clemson’s ROTC dining in program in 2017 and spoke to the cadets about the importance of supporting others even when working to reach your own goals. Andy is a “behind the scenes” kind of person who thinks of others and does what he can to help those around him.